Coupon Countdown For The Sunday Paper

Fresh off my CVS victory and still riding a penny pincher’s high I found myself anxiously waiting to get the paper this Sunday.  Someone won the big Powerball jackpot last week and the prize drops to $40,000,000.  We only buy $5 worth of lotto tickets this time. 

So far clipping coupons has cost me $19.50.

Ever the efficient one, I brought out my guillotine style paper cutter to make short work of the coupon clipping today.  This did not turn out so good.  The paper cutter makes perfectly straight cuts, but doesn’t account for the variations in the sizes or the placement of the coupons on the backside of the page.  I turn to plan B: a rotary blade with a self-healing mat.  Voila!  I am in coupon cutting heaven! Via free hand control, I can glide around the edges of the coupons I want.  It takes me 1/4 of the time that the scissors did and no blisters.

This Sunday’s haul netted me 118 coupons worth $140.30.  Add that to last week and I have roughly 215 coupons worth $268.  As for the spread, the two papers generally had different coupons.  For some reason, I now have 10 coupons for yogurt.  I’m feeling intense pressure to go out and buy yogurt.

I’ve systematically sorted the coupons more or less per grocery store aisle (Lowe’s Food).  I recycled my junk mail envelopes to hold the coupons.  I’m waiting for next weekend for our big shopping trip to Kroger’s and double-coupon world.

Frugal tip of the day:  Reuse the envelopes that your bills and junk mail come in.  Use a letter opener or sacrifice a sharp knife and make a clean cut to open your mail.  The backsides of the envelopes are usually blank and are perfect to write on.  If you are serious about becoming a couponista you can always purchase those fancy coupon organizers later.

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