Last Day of Being Gainfully Employed

This.Is.It. Wow, I am both excited and terrified today.  I finally get to be a stay at home mom and to raise my son the way we want him to be raised, yet I have so much still to do at work that I can’t imagine leaving.  I haven’t really ever left a perfectly good job before.  I have either been burnt out, had a better job elsewhere, or moved.  It feels sort of gutsy to walk away.  Go me!

There are more important things out there than money.  I could list 2 dozen off the top of my head.  It comes down to food, shelter, personal hygiene, and the bare necessities.  We are shifting our values from material and self-gratification to spiritual and emotional well-being.  Instead of thinking of everything we will do without, we are thinking of everything we will gain – peace of mind about the baby, less stress, more sleep, more family time and more time to have a cleaner house and better meals.

Frugal tip of the day:  Decide to live frugally and then do it!  Stop moaning and groaning.  It’s just like daylight savings time or flying across time zones, the longer you wait to change your watch the more confused and bitchy you will be.  Embrace your penny-pinching ways and it will soon hurt less to have less.

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