Housecleaning 0, Baby Chasing 5

My first day as an official SAHM and I got zero done that I thought I would.  On the other hand, I spent an entire day with the baby and that was very good.  The little dude wore me out!

On the plus side, today was the first day my blog was live.  I’m giving a special shout out to Rebecca for leaving my first comment.  I had read that the first comment is a momentous occasion and I must admit to feeling giddy!  :-) And thanks to all my Facebook friends who gave me some great tips on where and how to search for bargains.  I think I’m going to put an email form at the top of this blog for readers to submit their tips and ideas.

I am going to clip the coupons from yesterday’s paper and go to bed.  I have to head out to Harris Teeter first thing in the morning to get the triple coupon deals!

p.s. Yesterday we did not go to a gas station to get the paper and did not blow money on lotto tickets.  We went to Wal-Mart instead and blew it on 2 pints of ice cream – a much better investment!

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