Triple Coupon Alert!

This just in!  A friend has emailed me and told me that a local Harris Teeter has triple coupons through tomorrow!

Oh be still my beating heart.  I think I’m going to pass out from the excitement.  I am finally going to put my coupons to good use.  Nickel yogurt here I come…

I almost want to wake the baby up and go now, now, NOW!

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2 Responses to Triple Coupon Alert!

  1. Jessica Assaf says:

    Harris Teeter has TONS of ways to help you save money! Sign up to be an E-VIC customer and get weekly email alerts on specials. They almost always have a BOGO (Buy 1, get 1 free) special going on and it pays to stock up! You can put lots of things in the freezer (cheese, deli meat, bread, etc.) and take them out when you need them. I cannot tell you how much money I have saved this way!

    • Salee says:

      I have an E-Vic card, but I’m guessing I never signed up for the alerts. I also stopped receiving the weekly ads in the mid-week paper. I’ll have to look into my card to see if I need to update any info so I can get the deals.

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