Triple Coupon Madness at Harris Teeter – The Results

I meticulously organized my coupons and chose THE 20 that I would use at Harris Teeter’s triple coupon day.  I tried to find items that we actually used, or might use, and I tried to use the most expensive coupon under $1.  For example, I pulled a $0.75 coupon over a $0.25 one. I waited until the baby had a nice long nap and then we trundled off to the store.

Wow.  It was crazy.  There were money-saving moms everywhere with recipe boxes overstuffed with coupons, envelopes, file folders, and even a 3-ring binder which used baseball card inserts to separate each coupon by product!  I was such an amateur.

Here’s what I learned:

1) Get the VIC card and subscribe to their emails.

They alert you as to when the triple coupon sales are.

2) Shop the first few days of the sale, NOT the last day.

Most of the items that had coupons in Sunday’s paper were all sold out.  Most of the BOGOs were sold out too.  (BOGO – Buy One Get One free/half-off, etc)

3) Don’t just bring 20 coupons!

Of course, I seemed to be the only newbie with my handful of coupons so this probably wouldn’t apply to most of you.  Luckily, I had stuffed all my other coupons in the diaper bag.  Of the 20 I wanted, 5 were sold out and 2 didn’t bring the price down to a satisfactorily level.  I scrounged to find replacement coupons to take advantage of the triple savings.

4) Harris Teeter is expensive.

Just because you can triple a coupon does NOT mean it is a good deal.  I couldn’t believe how expensive the food was at Harris Teeter in general.  I could get some items cheaper at other stores without even using a coupon.  It helps if you know your prices in general before you are suckered into a “deal”.

5) Don’t shop with a 9-month old baby on triple coupon day.

The incessant hunting and pecking through the aisles for that ONE item didn’t thrill my child.  By the 16th coupon he was done and let me and the general population know it.  That literally explains my last 4 items purchased – 2 Pillsbury cinnamon bun dough packs and 2 Pillsbury pizza crust dough packs.  My husband was like, “what the hell?”.  I’M SORRY, I PANICKED!

6) Be nice to the cashiers.

I talked with 2 of them.  After a week of triple coupon mania, they have had a rough day.  Please have your coupons in order.  No expired ones.  Buy what you are supposed to.  They will be more willing to help you out when the coupon doesn’t scan for some reason or another.  It is the difference between, “this won’t scan” and shoving it back at you versus “this won’t scan because you didn’t get the right size” and letting you run down the aisle to get the right one.

With all that trauma behind me how did I do???

I ended up paying $42.16 and had coupons worth $47.65.  I still felt bad for paying the $42.16, because I bought several items that I never would have in the first place had I not been consumed with trying to triple a $0.75 coupon.  $2.25 off of $5.00 is still $2.75 I never would have spent in the first place.

On the whole, I would definitely do this again. I would be smarter about my shopping and leave the baby at home with the hubby.

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