For the Brave of Heart: DIY Haircuts

One way we save money is to have the boys’ hair cut at home.  My husband used to cut his own hair before he met me.  Now he makes me do it.  If you and your significant other aren’t a strong couple, then do not attempt home haircuts – it could really wreck your relationship!  Nothing says I love you like a 2 inch wide reverse mohawk down the middle of the head.

Now that the baby needs haircuts, I do his as well.  So far, I’ve done it twice in the last two months.

In my hair salon, I have a set of hair clippers with the different length attachments and a good sharp pair of hair cutting scissors.  A stool helps for the big guy as well as a brightly lit hallway mirror.  For the little guy, the first time I cut his hair was in the high chair and the second time while he was laying down on the changing table.  Laying down was way easier.  I kept him occupied with a toy and his body was still since he was laying down.  After I did the top and sides, I sat him up to trip up the back.

Is it worth all the work to cut my guys’ hair?  You bet.  A cheap haircut goes for around $12 in my neighborhood, plus $2 or $3 dollar tip.  Say it’s $15 (including the gas to get there).  My husband likes his hair nice and short on the back and sides and we cut it every 2 weeks – that’s $390 per year!  Say we cut the baby’s hair once a month – that’s $180.  By cutting both of their hair, we save $570 a year.  That’s a conservative $570 as nice quality cuts are much more expensive.

It takes a lot of practice and a very forgiving husband, but it is doable and saves us money.

Frugal Tip of the Day: Make sure you have nice sharp hair cutting scissors. Don’t use them on paper or anything but hair – keep them sharp!  It makes all the difference in the world.  Use a rat tail comb to separate the hair pieces.  Smooth the hair between your fingers and make the first cut at the length you would like.  Move on to surrounding pieces of hair and smooth those chunks between your fingers – INCLUDE a part of the hair that you just cut.  You will instantly have a guide to show you where to cut this chunk of hair. Continue around the head in the same manner.

Here’s Oliver’s first haircut.  He wasn’t too thrilled.  After a trim off the top, I snipped around his ears and he turned out adorable! :-)

by Needs a Haircut

Oliver was getting a little shaggy.

First Hair Cut“Hey…you don’t have food!  I’ve been tricked.”

Cute as a buttonCute as a button!

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