Photos from the Camping Trip

I finally got the photos from my camping buddies for last weekend.  Here are a few of the highlights!

Nothing beats hot chocolate over an early morning campfire.

Daddy caught an Oliver size fish for the baby.  He wasn’t too thrilled when he grabbed the slimy tail.

There were all sorts of critters out there wanting to share our grub.

We packed a bag of the baby’s favorite toys.  This got us through the weekend!

Going fishing!

Camping was a nice little getaway for the family.  The total cost to us was roughly $66 = $36 for the campsite and $30 for the food.  We camped close to home, which saved on time and gas.  I packed Oliver’s things in 2 rubber maid totes and he didn’t seem to miss anything.  It did help that we went with 4 other friends who helped us keep tabs on him around the campsite.  Aside from the hoot owl scaring the baby to death one night and the 46 degree low we had, it was a great time.

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