Looking back on the month…

I have been under the weather this past week and have been sleeping rather than typing.  I think I caught a bug while we were out camping.

I just realized today that it has been one month since I left my job and one month since my blog has been “live”.  How did the month go?

1) Becoming a full-time mom was rough.  I felt like I didn’t know my own kid.  I didn’t know what to feed him, what to do with him, or how to entertain him.  I didn’t know what stage he was in developmentally.  I didn’t know what to teach him or how.  I pretty much spent the first two weeks on the floor watching him all day and trying to figure him out.

I spent any extra time I had reading baby books and found out where we stood amongst it all.  Oliver and I started developing routines as we ironed out his feeding and nap schedules.  We started getting out of the house for our little “field trips” to the grocery store and the farmer’s market.  He seemed to miss the hustle and bustle of daycare, so I found him opportunities to play with other babies and be around other children.

Now that it’s been a month, I feel like we are two peas in a pod now.  We have started communicating with each other and he even sings with me – so freakin’ cute.  We have been adopted by a stray cat and Oliver loves playing with the cat through the sliding glass door.  His first words were “itty at” and he meows back to the cat.

2) Not spending money is easy.  Worrying about not having enough money is rough.  We are able to live just fine on one income, but there’s always that big “what if” out there makes for a few sleepless nights.  Looking back, the “what ifs” have always been lurking around.  I guess going down to one-income just amplifies them.

3) Writing a blog post every day is not feasible.  I think I was crazy and under some adrenaline rush when I thought I would be able to do that!  It’s not that I don’t have a plethora of ideas (I have a 4-page document of post ideas alone), it’s that I don’t have an excess of free time.  I have just as little free time now as I did when I worked.  The quality of my work has changed, but not my hours.  My day starts at 7am when he wakes up and ends at 830pm when he goes to bed.

I had envisioned being able to blog while he was napping or while he was playing by himself… HA HA HA.  I was delusional.  Instead of blogging, I’m digging the latest plastic wrapper out of his mouth or de-crusting the latest mountain of dishes for the washer.  For those of you who faithfully follow my blog – I know there are at least 16 of you – thanks for sticking with me!  I will be posting 3 – 4 new posts a week from here on out.

4) I miss being around adults!  One thing I took for granted when I worked was the cheap and easy accessibility to adults whom I could chat with, have coffee with, and go out to lunch with.  Now that I’m a SAHM, it is so much work to connect with people.  Seeing people during the day is rough because everything revolves around the baby’s schedule, you have to tote him everywhere, and he demands attention from everyone around him.  Seeing people at night is rough, because all I want to do is sleep and because seeing someone at night usually involves money of some sort (dinner, coffee, drinks).  Sleep and money – 2 commodities which I am short on.  For all you people out there that I want to stay in touch with – hang in there.  We will get together, I promise!

5) Living frugally has a big learning curve and takes a lot of energy.  To be a true frugal, you need to question everything – how can I do this in a less expensive way?  That’s a lot of work.  I’ll have to add the 3rd commodity that I am short on – energy.

Slowly, but surely, we are integrating some of the things into our lives.  We are happily making our own laundry detergent and are satisfied using the magicJack for our home phone.  We’ve cut back drastically on the fast food and eating out.  We shop at Aldi regularly now and have started using coupons.

Other things I am reluctant to give up, like paper plates and Clorox wipes.  I still haven’t handed over my poor dilapidated cell phone for a pre-paid Tracfone and we haven’t switched over to cloth diapers yet.  I think I am clinging to the convenience items because I find that I am still so short on time and the rest…I haven’t had time to figure them out yet!

Overall, I would say that this past month has been a success.  Quitting work cold turkey led to a rough transition, but we have weathered the storm and even pulled out a family camping trip!  Next month we will add a few more penny-pinching tricks to our hat and see if we can batten down the hatches even more.  I would also like to spend a few more hours a week on the blog and figure out how to find and interact with more readers.

We will be trying out the cloth diapers next month, so be prepared to learn all you ever wanted to about poo!

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2 Responses to Looking back on the month…

  1. Jessica Assaf says:

    YOU GO GIRL!!!! :-)
    At the end of the day, we all have our own unique situtations and it REALLY is all about how we choose to tackle it.
    Stay positive and keep the blogs coming as it fits into your schedule…I LOVE reading about your adventures and learning about “frugal” living. I am trying to incorporate many of the things you have written about into our daily lives. I now subscribe to the Sunday paper to get the coupons, make my own foamy soap (which I never even would have thought about doing if it wasn’t for your blog) and shop at Aldi!!!
    I am ALWAYS short of money, time and energy so we have to stick together and keep each other motivated!

  2. Salee says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels this way. When you are home alone, you start feeling isolated from the world. I’m glad I could reach out and “touch someone”. :-)

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