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Salee here… It has been several weeks since my last post.  I have been tied up with a very important project, which has left very little time to blog.  While I haven’t been writing about it, we have still been living it – the frugal lifestyle.  I have updates on my garden, our home projects, how couponing is going, etc… and I will get to them in the next couple of weeks after I reveal my latest endeavor.  In the meantime, my husband suggested being a guest blogger and I thought – what the heck?  So without further ado, may I present my husband and his two cents:

Ok, Salee has been swamped with the duties of motherhood, spousal-hood, and any other *-hoods I failed to mention.  So, I, the devoted husband am pinch-hitting in her stead for the time being.

First, I must admit, that the whole idea of Frugality is something that, once begun, begins to consume your life . . . but in a good way.  Originally, I thought that the goal of bring frugal was to be, as the Boy Scouts state, “Thrifty.”  Thus when I was young, Thrifty was the moniker of the day, with everyone looking for ways to save a little on the side, so you would have a solid nest-egg or back-up fund in the event of an emergency.  Now, it is not as easy as it was back then.

Personally, I always thought that there were different levels of being thrifty, or frugal as is the current trend.  The lowest level being someone who collected coins in a jar, and wrapped them up in the little coin wrappers that you could get from the bank.  And, the upper echelons being those people who were so tight fisted that they could squeeze a booger out of Lincoln’s nose.  Most people, however, fell into a kind of middle ground.  Personally, I was always the oddball that would cross over 4 lanes of traffic to pick-up a penny off the road.  However, several years later, and a few scraped and bruises “stupid sedans”, I find myself now with a wife, a son, and a mountain of debt working to crush us all into the throes of perpetual missed payments and late fees.

Ok, I am exaggerating.  Our debt is not a huge overbearing mountain of credit cards, mortgages, and other loans.  However, it is also not something that I can just write-off.  I would classify our debt as more of a little foot-hill, or a large speed-bump.  A majority of the debt is wrapped up in the mortgage and college tuition loans.  I have seen all the ads and read a lot of articles which state that these 2 types of debt are “good debt.”  I guess that is because they are linked to a tangible (or as the case of education, intangible) asset which can appreciate, and provide a benefit to you later on.  In fact, companies often re-classify debts as separate from expenses on their balance sheet, which end up having a different impact on their bottom line.  Personally, I feel that if I have to write a check for any amount a month or whenever, that this is a cost to me that I would prefer not to have to pay.  Not that I would prefer to have it for free, as I believe in hard work and earning your place in the world . . . I just do not like seeing the hard earned monies I make disappear each month without seeing some physical asset replace it.

Now, onto the task at hand.  This blog is about living the frugal life.  To assist with the blog, I do spend a little time browsing the local web news and am seeing more and more articles expounding the benefits and joys of “frugality.”  Personally, the word frugal sounds like some weird fungus or toadstool that you find in a dark cave, surrounded by some mythical little creatures with pointy shoes and hats right out of a Harry Potter novel.  “Hey, can you place pass me some frugals” . . . “Boy honey, this is the best frugal I have ever had” . . . etc.  However, as it turns out, this is really “How to live simply, and to enjoy life to the fullest.”  Most people seem to measure their life via the accumulation of the newest little electronic blinky battery scarfing things that you can buy in your local Best Buy or GameStop.  Personally, I believe that life is about experiencing what the world has to offer, and making your mark in the word in some way to the betterment of all.  I know, it sounds kind of like a weird 1960’s flower-power ideology, where everyone gets a guitar and paints their faces while wearing a burlap sack singing Kum-By-Yah around a campfire.  Well, if that is what you think I am about . . . boy are you in for a surprise.  :-)

I will be chiming in from time to time, filling in, with my own personal viewpoint of the world, current events, and new events in our frugal minded household.  So, check back in from time-to-time, as you never know what is coming next.  But, keep in mind . . . my goal is not to shock, or gripe, or whine about the world or to propagate my own personal beliefs with the aims of motivating or manipulating the masses.  I admire objectivity, and will always strive to give the true and honest, un-biased stance on any issues I take on.  This will be fun . . he he he.

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