Rejoining the human race.

I have taken a hiatus from blogging for the past month or so to work on my “big project”.  So what have I been working on?

Making a baby! 

We found out near the end of April that we were expecting a bundle of joy.  I then immediately fell into the first trimester funk of gagging and vomiting for about 7 weeks straight.  Combined with my sudden onset of narcolepsy and having to take care of my little boy, I had zero capacity to do other tasks such as, cleaning, cooking, blogging, and showering.  Seriously, my husband would hose me down outside a couple times a week.

I am now in what is known as the best part of pregnancy, the second trimester.  The nausea is fading away, I suddenly have more energy, and I only need to take one nap a day.  I also have an interest in reaching out and touching people again (hence my first blog entry in ages) and am dying to reconnect with old friends over decaf coffee sans squirmy child (so sorry I disappeared for 2 months).

When I left my job in March I had no idea that I was already pregnant.  Would it have changed anything?  Maybe.  I might have worked just a couple more months to sock away 3 or 4 more paychecks.  Realistically though, I couldn’t have taken having Oliver in daycare one more minute than he had already spent.  With that said, living frugally has taken on a whole new meaning for us now.  We need to do or die, as they say, with another hungry mouth joining our table.

In the upcoming week, I have some questions to answer for you.  1) How is my garden growing?  hint- I’ve made a profit already from one of my “crops”.  2)  Where can I get baby stuff for pennies?  hint – The next round of kids consignment sales is coming soon!  3)  What ever happened to all the homemade soaps and stuff I made earlier? and 4) Is making your own bread from scratch really worth it?

hanks for hanging in there with me!  This should be an interesting summer…

p.s. It’s a girl!

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2 Responses to Rejoining the human race.

  1. Rebecca says:

    SOOO excited for you!!!! Glad you are starting to feel better… WE should get some decaf soon!

    • Salee says:

      Aside from my sewing class on Tuesday nights, I’m pretty free once my hubby gets home. Let me know when is good for you in the next week or so. Can’t wait! :-)

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