Pregnant Gardening

Planting a garden in my first trimester looks like this.

So this is what happens when you plant a garden in your first trimester!  I can barely tell my plants from the weeds or the lawn for that matter.  Many moons ago I planted jalapenos, purple egplants, a tomato plant, and a smattering of herbs.  I left room for my seedlings (Thai pepper, basils, eggplants, and cilantro).   I promplty went into hibernation for 2 months and voila!  I have an overgrown garden.  If it wasn’t for the continual rain we’ve been getting, my poor plants would have shriveled up.

Armed with mosquito coils, bug spray, sunblock, and a hoe, I tackled weeding my garden today.  It turns out that this will be a 2 day job!  My darling son came out to help me and bless his heart, he ended up covered in dirt from head to toe.  I wish I had a pic of the after, but my camera battery died.

My son helping me in the garden.

I think he dug out more dirt from the garden than weeds! 

I had been putting the weeds into the pot as I pulled them and when I turned around, he had been pulling all the weeds out of the pot and throwing them back into the garden!  It was too funny.

After several hours, we finally made some progress.  We had to call it a day as the temps climbed into the 90s.  We will go out tomorrow morning and finish up our project.

All the empty space in the front of my garden is for my seedlings.  The rest seems to have survived!

I have tomatoes!!!  So far for the amount of work that I have put into the garden the payout is incredible.  I should have a dozen or so fresh tomatoes in a few weeks and I’ve already been harvesting my herbs for cooking.  It’s getting to the point where I can start drying the excess for the winter months. 

Tomorrow: Pull rest of weeds, clean up mess we made today, mulch, and plant seedlings.

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