Weeding the Garden: Day 2

Helping Mommy Water the Garden

Day 2 of our mission to clean up the garden was cut short by scorching sun and hot temps.  The best we could do was to water the garden and drag the mulch out of the shed.  Of course working at 12:30 PM probably didn’t help, but we had to make daddy a nice father’s day breakfast/brunch and celebrate a little. 

My son LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to play with water.  I gave him the hose and let him have at it.  We got some water on the plants and most of the water on him, but at least it kept him cool!

He loves splashing in the water

I filled a large dishpan with water so that he could splash in it.  He was thrilled!  Mini-science lesson: What happens when you throw stuff in the water?  Does it float or sink?  We tossed everything in there from pine cones, grass, rocks, and sticks to my flip-flops.  I think I spent more time playing in the water with the baby than actual gardening.  That’s okay – it was HOT outside and we were losing all our shade.

Soaking Wet Baby

After about an hour, the little one had enough.  He was soaked to his bones and his diaper probably weighed 10 pounds from all the water.  He literally stood up without any prompting, made a bee-line to the house, climbed the porch steps, sloshed across the deck, and started banging on the glass door.  Smart kid!

Luckily we were able to water the garden fairly deeply and my hubby dragged the mulch out of our spider infested shed for me.  We will have to tackle the rest of the work another morning…

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