Sewing Maternity Clothes.

We are almost to 18 weeks and out of nowhere I finally got my baby bump.  Yay! I can finally wear my maternity clothes again.  I LOVE those stretchy pants.  If I could, I would convert all my pants into stretchy top pants.  No more buttons and zippers. 

Speaking of maternity clothes, I am 60% finished with my first sewing project.  I am making a maternity top for my 20 year reunion this summer.  I think the fabric is nice, but my husband says I look like a big bumblebee. 

My sewing class on Tuesday nights has worked out great.  I wish I had the time and energy to sew at home though.  Even in class I get so tired that last week I sewed the wrong arm pieces together and I have to spend the weekend picking out every last stitch. 

Has sewing been worth the investment?  I’m not sure yet.  The class cost $80 through our local community college and the supplies/fabric probably cost me about $60.  Granted, these are startup costs and I hopefully only need to purchase fabric/notions/patterns in the future.  The cost of making the top alone has been $24.  A nice maternity top in the store retails for $40-$60.  I should factor in the time spent sewing, but I think the pleasure derived from making my own shirt negates those costs.

We’ll have to wait and see how it turns out.  I’ll be finished with the class in 3 more weeks.  If my shirt is wearable, then score!  If not, then I can always dress up as a fat bumblebee for Halloween.

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