Where do you play during a heat wave?

Wow! It is hot around here.  We reached 100 degrees this past week.  100!  That was a record breaker.  Average temps are supposed to be 86 degrees. 

After a week of being stuck indoors trying to stay cool, we all had cabin fever.  I had the bright idea of going to the park, right after breakfast, before it got too hot today.  After one gratuitous swinging shot, we left with our tails tucked between our legs as it was already in the low 90s.  ick…

We had a quick swing before he melted in the heat.

Oliver was plenty mad to be back in the house again.  We decided to make a family trip to the kids museum downtown so he could blow off some steam. 

The frugal in me balked at paying $100 for a family membership to this museum last month.  However, at $5 per person per visit, we have nearly made up the cost of the membership in less than a month.  Was the $100 worth it?  Heck yes!  This museum is 2 floors of fun, adventure, exploring, and make believe for kids of all ages.  They have a small “crawl corner” where Oliver and I rest with the wee ones and a larger enclosed play area full of make-believe stations (a grocery store, a fire truck, a hospital, a post-office, etc…).  They also have water discovery play stations an outdoor garden, a large arts and crafts area, and a child-size sports area.  I haven’t even touched on the other 50% of the place.  Long story short, it is nice to have a place to go a couple times a week where Oliver can play and be around other kids. 

Our son is too darn cute sometimes!  When he is in the baby area he is usually the largest child there, but when he is anywhere else he is a small fry.  Ignoring his size difference, he loves to be around the “big kids” and will actually follow them around the play spaces.

Relief from the heat

Finally, some relief from the heat!  He loves, loves, loves to play in water.  He could stand there splashing for hours if we let him.

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