Coupon Revival

Coupons have a second chance in my house for 2 reasons:

1) We finally got a subsription to the Sunday paper.   Having the paper delivered to your house makes it more convenient to keep on top of the coupons.

2) My husband has gotten involved.  He not only goes through the coupon inserts, but he goes through all the store flyers cutting out their coupons too. 

We’ve been sitting together on Sunday nights matching coupons to store sales and making out a shopping list of sorts for me to tackle throughout the week.  He also watches the little one while I “dash” out to clean up with my coupons.  It is amazing how much extra time and effort is involved when I have to shop with the baby.  My hubby has been very supportive of watching him while I shop at night so I can 1) get a break from the baby and 2) get out of the house!

Anyway, I am on an about face from my earlier post cursing coupons.  We’ll see if we can pinch a few more pennies this week.

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