Dry Clothes Outside.

We did tons of laundry today.  At least 6 or 7 loads.  Our poor air conditioner has been struggling to keep the house cool from the 90+ degree temps outside and here we were adding to the heat indoors by running the dryer all day and night.

I finally ran out to Wal Mart and bought clothespins for the clothesline that we haven’t been using all year.  We found we can fit about 2 loads of laundry at a time in the line and that it takes about 2 hours to dry in this heat. 

Save Money by Air Drying Clothes

So why haven’t we been doing this all along to save some dough?  Two reasons: pollen and mosquitos. 

I have very sensitive allergies and hanging out clothes in the spring and fall is out.  If you can’t tell by the picture, our little 1/3 of an acre lot has about 40 trees on it.  This isn’t counting the other 40 trees in all our neighbors yards as well.  That’s alot of pollen in the spring! 

The other problem we have is with mosquitos.  They literally hover outside our glass door waiting in line to suck our blood when we come out.  I think I saw one wearing a little bib once.  The solution? Those clip Off mosquito repellants.  Wow! Those things work like a charm.  They have a little fan that disburses some sort of repellant and instantaneously – NO mosquitos.  Of course, we are careful to keep that stuff away from me and the growing baby.  We don’t want 2 headed children or anything.  That leaves the clothes hanging to the hubby, which is perfectly fine with me! :-)

Frugal Tip of the Day:  Save money by drying your clothes outside!  They will smell unbelievably fresh.  To avoid having them dry hard and crinkly, use liquid fabric softener in the wash.  If you don’t have a dispenser, buy the Downy ball.  You fill it with softener and throw it in the wash.

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