19 weeks and 3 days

In a few days I will be half way through my pregnancy!  I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed.  I am so busy with my little man that I have not been paying much attention to my baby girl. 

Two things happened this past week to make me take notice: 

1) I switched my email newsletter subscriptions from Parents.com to include my pregnancy tracker instead of just my toddler tracker.  When I was pregnant with Oliver I got weekly, if not daily, updates from various baby and parenting websites about the status of my pregnancy as the days passed.  When he was born they switched over to weekly developmental updates of the baby and now the toddler. 

After adding the new baby to my email lists, I’m suddenly getting emails showing my developing baby at 19 weeks, emails talking about labor preparations, and emails full of checklists to prepare ourselves for the little one.  YIKES!!!  All of a sudden this pregnancy feels VERY real.  All of a sudden, we have realized that we only have 20 more weeks… wow.

2) I’ve been feeling my baby move more frequently now.  For the past few weeks I would feel a flutter or a roll and then nothing for days.  Talk about motherhood freak out!  Without the morning sickness, the baby moving is an affirmation that the pregnancy is going good.  Without the movements, I’ve been a basket case.  Well, these past 2 days I’ve been feeling her move much stronger now and for longer periods of time.  Still not much during the day, but at night she is a bit more active.  Thank goodness!

This Friday we go in for my 20 week super mega utrasound at the hospital.  They’ll do all the bone measurements and look for any abnormalities in the organs, etc…  If all goes well, this is the last time I will “see” my baby until she is born.  After this, it’s all sonograms only where we listen to the heartbeat.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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