Save a Fortune at Kids Consignment Sales

If you are pregnant, have children, or know people who have children I am going to let you in on one of the biggest money savers of your life:  Kids Consignment Sales

I’m not talking about consignment stores – I’m talking about the big sales where 20/ 50/100s of people are selling items in one centralized location and are usually held seasonally.  Ie. In the Spring/Fall or Summer/Winter.

The largest of the consignment sales in my area is starting next week.  They usually have hundreds of sellers and thousands of buyers.  One year, they had over 12,000 attendees during the 5 days of the sale.  This sale spans 2 large buildings at the state fairgrounds and its insane how much kiddie paraphernalia can be stocked to the rafters.

You will find anything and everything related to a child from birth to the teenage years.  Most of the items are gently used, some hardly used, and some are even brand new in the original packaging.  All are discounted from the original price – normally about 1/3 of the retail cost.   The advantage of going to the larger sales is that there is more competition amongst the sellers.  Out of 150 exersaucers available, there will always be sellers undercutting others just to get their item sold.

Here’s a small list of some of the items you will find there:

Clothes (racks and racks of them), shoes, bedding, bottles, bottle warmers, diaper bags, baby carriers, sleep positioners, boppies, high chairs, bumbos, cribs, bassinets, car seats, strollers, wagons, play forts, bicycles, exersaucers, play gyms, riding toys, train sets, tables dedicated to Fisher Price Little People, Mega Blocks, and Sesame Street,  dolls, robots, dressers, baby gates, sports equipment, video games, dvds, books, blocks, and puzzles. (Trust me – this is just a SMALL sample of what they sell.)

Here are some photos of things we have bought at past sales:

Each of these clothing items were $1.  I usually buy his clothes on the last day of the sale when things are 50% off.  You can see that some of items even have tags on them still.

These outfits were so adorable and all $1 each.  I outfitted him with an entire wardrobe for a 12 month old for about $25.  That included shirts, onesies, pants, shorts, pajamas, and socks.

These little fire trucks were $2 for the one on the left and $1 for the one on the right.  The one on the left, a Fisher Price Little People Fire Truck, retails for $12.99.

These are Melissa and Doug Latches and Locks Boards.  We paid $4 for both of them and they retail for $24.99 each.  Oliver is getting incredibly good at opening all the different types of latches.  A great find for us!

This Mega Blocks Fill & Dump Wagon looked brand new.  There wasn’t even any wear on the tires or a spec of dirt to be seen.  There were even more blocks than what was listed packed inside.  We paid $5 and it retails for $30 brand new.  FYI – He LOVES this wagon.  When he was smaller we filled it with wooden blocks to weigh it down and he would push this wagon all over the house.

This Lincoln Logs Frontier Fort was a great find.  It is in like-new condition and has all its pieces and then some.  It retails for $49.99 in the stores and we paid $8 for it.

And the pièce de résistance, a collection of musical instruments that we pieced together.  The rain shaker with the blue and yellow ends retails for $12.95.  The Stir Xylophone (above the maracas) retails for $15.95.  The jingle bells retail for $4.25 each.  The drum sells for $24.95.  The rest come from various other music kits.  We paid $10 for everything. 

What I’ve shown you is a smidgen of what we’ve purchased.  When I shop, I make a list of what we’ll need for the next year and then go price the items retail.  I take that list with me to the consignment sales to make sure that I am getting a good deal or a fair price for the condition of the item.  The last sale we spent a total of $147 on approx. $650 worth of stuff.  Not only that, but we earned $44 from selling stuff that we didn’t need anymore.

I will be a consignment sales maniac for the next week as we prepare ourselves for the sale on Wednesday.  Tune in tomorrow for some tips and tricks on how to shop.  I will also post an entry on how to sell.

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