The Big 5-0! posts that is…

This is my fiftieth blog post. Wow, I feel like I should celebrate a little bit!

My blog has been live for about 3 1/2 months and I even managed to keep it going after a slump there in April.  50 posts is peanuts in the blogging world, but here is why it is important to me:

My husband was very concerned about the state of my mental well-being after we decided that I would become a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM).  Why? When we moved down here from DC, I had a period of 8 months where I was unemployed and 2 months where I was waiting for my new job to start.  For those 8 months, I was mostly miserable.  I began to hate the monotony of the household chores.  I was dying to be around people.  I felt trapped in a house that was too small, cluttered and constantly falling apart.  We used to fight (alot) and I used to cry (alot) and it was basically a miserable time in general.  Having gone through all that, he was skeptical that I could be happy not working again.

Here is what he did not take into account.  We had just gotten married in September, the month before I left my job in DC.  We also miscarried our first child at 3 months.  My grandmother also died the week I quit my job.  Our water heater broke in our attic 2 weeks after that.  Our car failed inspection and needed to be overhauled a month after that.  I had continuing medical problems and bills that continued on for 6 more months.  The debt started piling up as we had month after month of $1,000 expenses to add to the lingering expense of the wedding and continued expense of doctor’s bills. 

As anyone knows, when debt climbs and income drops so does your general happiness.  In January, I started looking for employment hardcore.  I found that after working at a large international non-profit in DC, coming down to Raleigh was difficult.  I wasn’t qualified to do much in this job market.  My technical IT skills from my tech support days were non-existent after a 6 year hiatus.  My non-profit IT skills (I was a manager), were not useful in Raleigh’s technical market.  Week after week, I had zero responses – not even one inquiry.  I attended job fairs and was thoroughly disappointed.  I started lowering my standards and looking for entry level work – guess what?  I was OVERQUALIFIED.  Someone with my resume would never be happy working a menial desk job -or so I was told.  I started “dumbing” down my resume.  I actually have 14 different versions which each hacked up my career (Secretary – yes, I can answer phones, and file, and type on a computer).  The whole experience was pretty demoralizing.  I couldn’t even get a job making $10/hr at Mailboxes, etc. 

Add that demoralization onto the stress of not being able to pay the bills and guess what?  I was Miserable.  While we were at it, lets add the fact that I was desperately missing my life, my friends, my job, and the city of DC.  I had worked so hard to get out of Raleigh and to do something with my life and here I was back in Raleigh and back in the same old house that I had been desperate to leave. 

It sounds like I am rambling, but I am getting to my point.  The miserable unemployed person that I was 2 years ago does not exist anymore.  The reasons I was miserable had very little to do with me just being “unemployed” and more to do with – well, you can read it again in case you missed it.  Here is how I have changed:

My husband and I finally started meshing as a couple – mind you, we met in 2006 – married in 2007 -got pregnant in 2008 – had a baby in 2009 – and have another coming for 2010.  We didn’t really have a long “honeymoon” period before we started making big life decisions.  Once I started working again in 2008, we were able to start paying down our debt, stop living so desperately, and start enjoying ourselves a little.  I also started settling in to my new lifestyle and stopped missing DC.  Raleigh is a different city to us now that I am a part of a “we”.  This is also a different house – it’s “our” house and with our home improvement projects my hubby definitely has put his touch on things around here.  We also had a HUGE garage sale and finally got rid of the excess stuff and merged our households into one.  And the biggest change: 

We have started our family!  I have wanted to be a mother my entire life and now I have the most precious little boy ever, with a girl on the way.  Everything that I have ever done, from my upbringing, my travels, my jobs, my education, and my experiences have come down to my greatest project – raising children, laying the foundation for the future.  I would say that this is my biggest and most important job to date.

Regardless of how my life has changed, how great things are, and how happy I am – my husband does have a point (Now we are getting to it!).  Without a goal, without focus, without self-expression, I tend to get lost and lose my drive, my forward momentum.  Hence, 2 Pennies 2 Rub was born!  He pushed me to come up with a way to keep the inner me challenged and satisfied, above and beyond taking care of my family. 

My goals are my own, but I get to challenge myself constantly with this blog.  Did I hit my number of posts?  Are they balanced between family, living, and being frugal?  Do I have good ideas?  How do I get my site traffic to go up?  How can I enhance my readers experiences?  Did I make my milestones at 3 months, 6 months, a year?  Not only does this blog keep my happy, but it keeps us focused on saving money, living frugally, and finding the best deals so that I have more to share with you. 

So back to the beginning – this is my 50th blog entry! Woo hoo!  Thank you hubby for pushing me and thank you readers for keeping me writing.  My little one is now slapping my keyboard and demanding to be fed now, so I am off. 

BTW, I love being a SAHM and my mental health is doing good.  :-)

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