We Survived the Kids Consignment Sale!

I’ve had a few inquiries as to how the sale went on Wednesday and to be totally honest – I have been recovering for the past 2 days, almost out of commission.  I had to wear my right arm in a sling most of the day and slept as much as possible around the baby’s schedule.  We are true consignment warriors! 

This is the first sale that we’ve taken a fully mobile child to, the others he either wasn’t born, was in daycare or was at home with dad.  Considering the magnitude of this sale, dad had to come with me to help me haul stuff which meant juggling baby on a hot, hot, hot summer day. 

Here’s how it went down:

My hubby got off work early to be there by 130pm and to grab a spot in line.  We got there at 2pm and the doors didn’t open until 3pm.  They had people lining up down the side of the building and with the sun directly overhead there was zero shade. 

You can see me here in bright orange holding an umbrella over my little one.

There were probably 25 spots ahead of us (maybe 40 people).

And who knows how many people were behind us!  The line went passed the end of the building. 

Let me be clear that this was just the line for those of us that had volunteered to work 2 or more shifts.  We are called the “Super Work Exchangers” and we are the first group to shop on opening day at 3pm.  On the other side of the building the one shift only volunteers or “Work Exchangers” were also lining up to shop at 5pm. 

We brought our wagon and our hand truck/rubbermaid bin contraption to the sale.  You can see in the photos above some of the other devices that people brought to haul stuff away.  They had strollers with bins strapped to them, wagons with pvc pipe clothes racks screwed into them, luggage carts, laundry baskets, garbage cans – anything and everything.

After about 15 minutes in the hot sun, the baby and I had to retreat to the air conditioned van.  At 2:45pm, we got the call from the hubby that the masses were stirring.  We joined him back in line and everyone had started packing up their folding chairs and getting their carts lined up and ready to go on the sidewalk.  At 3pm the doors opened and we surged forward, electricity rippling down the line.  My hubby followed us with the dolly and at one point our wheels got locked together when he bumped us.  Here we are holding up a line of hot, anxious shoppers – I’m surprised there wasn’t a mad stampede!

Once inside, the crowd dispersed as people speed-walked their way to the big ticket items.  I had already secretly laid out the game plan to my hubby in case anyone was eavesdropping and we hit the ground running.

In the first building, where the big ticket items were, we would hit up the outdoor play equipment.  While one of us guarded our find, the other would go stake out a changing table for the new baby.  One of us would pay for those items, while the other ran into the stroller corral to find a double stroller for both kiddies.  After paying for that, we would head to the second building, stopping to grab a tricycle on the way and score a wood work bench for our son.  After that, we’d go to baby gates and bed rails, then onto wood puzzles/toys and musical instruments.  Finally, we would end at wooden train sets and Fisher Price Little People.  We did all this in 45 minutes.

Oliver was a champ!  Once we found a little keyboard for him he was content to play music for us while we shopped.  You can see our dolly on the right and his tricycle hanging precariously off the end of it with the work bench stacked on top.   And by the way, the rows and rows of tables behind us – this picture was taken from the front wall of the second building and we were about 1/2 way down the wall.

Here’s a pic from the front wall to the back of the building – mind you, only 1/4 – 1/2 of the building is shown.

Now are you starting to see why you can save so much money at consignment sales?  They literally have everything you need at discount prices (5% – 30% off retail values).  Not only do you save money, but you recycle goods and keep things out of our landfills. 

This time around we had a pretty modest haul in comparison to our infant crazy days of last year.  Here’s a brief list of what we picked up:

Climbing cube and slide, outdoor play slide, changing table, Sit-n-Stand stroller, tricycle, wood work bench, 4-5 wood Melissa and Doug puzzle toys (these “toys” rock), 2 wooden train sets, 2 keyboards, a baby gate, a bed rail, foam alphabet floor puzzle pieces, 20-30 books, 3 sets of picture flash cards, 3 Baby Einstein videos, 4 pairs of jammies, bath toys, bath tub spout cover, bath toy hanging bag, sleep positioner, and my personal favorite – 4 large tumbling mats!  The mats are going to be awesome to place around the climbing cube so we don’t have to worry so much about our son cracking his head on the floor.  They’ll be great for tumbling too.  I can’t wait!

As the days pass and we clean our treasures, I’ll post pictures and prices.  Right now I am headed to bed as I have to get up early to work my volunteer shift tomorrow.  I don’t know how I will manage the 5 hours of standing tomorrow being pregnant and all.  It will be a challenge.  My hubby trades off with me mid-day to do his security shift. 

Some people ask me if it is really worth volunteering just to get in early.  I say, YES!  By the time the public gets to shop I would estimate that 40-50% of the items have already been hauled off by us volunteers and sellers who got to shop early.  I know that when I go in tomorrow, they will have consolidated the items down to one building.  Don’t forget that the volunteers also get to go in early on Sunday when most everything that is left is 50% off.  (That’s when I shop for baby clothes and get them at $1 per item.)

There will be a couple smaller sales before my baby girl is due, but we are pretty much stocked up on baby stuff.  Maybe some clothes (girl outfits are so cute) and other rare treasures that we will spot for Oliver.  Otherwise, I think we had a good day!

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