Hubby Caught a Shop Lifter at the Consignment Sale!

Both my husband and I completed our volunteer shifts at the consignment sale today.  I worked from 845am – 2pm and he worked from 145pm – 7pm.  Well, he actually got let go over an hour early – lucky dog.  He brought the baby to the sale and swapped me for a grimy orange volunteer vest.

He worked security and stood at the door checking people’s bags against their sales receipts as they left the building (think Costco).  He busted two perps during his shift – a small child and a forgetful mom.  The child was with his mom who was leaving the building without purchasing anything.  Unbeknownst to her, he had a toy in hand and was heading out the door.  Using his eagle-eye, he spotted the object and wrestled him to the ground.  Well, not really, but it does sound cooler that way.  The other suspect was a woman who had shopped her fill and then unknowingly walked out with a bag over her shoulder that still had the tag on it.  Oops!  He had another bust under his belt as he had someone chase her down before she made her escape in her waiting vehicle.  Not only did he see some action, he also got off an hour early to boot! 

I had no such luck.  I spent 2 hours sorting through thousands of 3T girl clothing items on the rack – taking out clothes of different sizes, rehanging fallen items, and pulling items without tags.  Then I spent 2 hours working in the checkout “corral” pulling tags off items and bagging them.  Then it was 1/2 an hour in the book room moving one stack of books from one table to another and then the last 1/2 hour wandering the clothes racks tidying up and praying that my hubby would get there early to relieve me.  I hung in there better than I thought.  I took 3 short breaks, mostly to cool off and get off my feet.  By the end of my shift my feet and my lower back were hurting, but it was worth getting to shop early on Wednesday.

What did I learn?

1) Volunteer with a friend.  It helps the time to pass when you have someone to talk to.  If you are alone, talk to the other volunteers.  Again, same concept.
2) Wear comfortable shoes. 
3) Bring water and snacks in a bag/purse, etc… that you can wear. 
4) Dress in cool clothes.  Those vests they make you wear are HOT as most of them aren’t ventilated.  Imagine wearing plastic wrap over your clothes and then run around for 5 hours.
5) Smile and talk to the shoppers.  Many of them want to know how they can “get in” on the sale (ie. how to be a seller).  You can drag out a conversation for at least 10 – 15 minutes.  Not only is this good advertising, but it passes the time and brings in more merchandise that you can pilfer through at the next sale!

Tomorrow, I get to go in early for the 50% off sale.  I’ll be looking at a few basic items for a newborn.  Not too many though as we will probably recycle what Oliver had and we will probably get some clothes as gifts.  I’m also going to grab some basic 2T stuff for Oliver. He has enough pants, but we are light on the long sleeve shirts.  This is where I get all my $1 deals on clothes.  I can’t wait!

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2 Responses to Hubby Caught a Shop Lifter at the Consignment Sale!

  1. Jessica Assaf says:

    You go girl!!!!! I am sorry I missed out on all the fun this go ’round, but we were on vacation. I have been trying to get rid of stuff on Craig’s list, but without alot of luck. If I still have stuff left when the next sale comes around, I might just have to partake in the festivities!!
    I have some gently used items for your little princess if you want them. :-)

    • Salee says:

      Aww, thanks…that is so sweet!

      Too bad you missed the sale. The next gigantic one is in January. There will be a medium sized one in the fall at the Morrisville outlet mall right by where you work. I’ll let you know the dates when I find out. Perhaps you can sell your stuff there.

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