2 Pennies Taking a Break

Rather than disappear without warning again, I’m letting everyone know that I am taking a 2 week break.  This has been a busy month for us and will get even busier until August.  I can’t believe that almost every day of my calendar has been filled with something to do.  We are both worn out, run down, and in dire need of free-time with no obligations.  A break will be good.

I promised my hubby that I would take it easy starting in August and spend more time “being pregnant”.  Hey, if that means laying around and eating bon bons then I’m all for it!  In August we are also starting the “baby transition” for Oliver. 

We are packing up the crib and putting him on a twin sized mattress on the floor.  We are also breaking out the potty for him.  Montessori says that children are ready after 1 year if you make the potty a natural thing.  Ex. Every time mommy goes, baby goes and sits on his potty as well to get him used to it.   We are also moving him to his big boy table on the floor.  He already eats some meals/snacks there and loves having things his own size. 

We will have 3 1/2 months to get him comfortable being a toddler before the new baby comes.  Plus, it will help me immensely due to the fact that it will be harder and harder to pick him up the further along I get.  We shall see.

I’ll let you know how it goes in a couple weeks!

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