August Already!

Wow, that 2 week break went by fast!  During our time off we put 1,700 miles on our van making a round-trip to Florida to visit the grandparents.  We went to Cocoa first and then to Fort Walton Beach before heading back home.  Somewhere in the middle, I attended my 20 year high school reunion and passed my 6 month pregnancy mark. 

When we got home, it took us one full week to recover!  I think Oliver and I slept for 2 or 3 days straight and I am still doing laundry to catch up.  We probably won’t be making that trip again until the next baby is at least a one year old and can semi-manage the travel.  It will be interesting doing it again with 2 children!  Either way, it is all worth it to have the little ones visit the grandparents.

We left our house at 8pm to head down to Florida.  We had 10 hours driving time ahead of us and were hoping that our little one would sleep most of the way.  We had to stop every 2 hours so we could stretch out.  Oliver helped us drive the 12-2am shift.

It took us 10 hours to get to Cocoa, 7 hours to get to Fort Walton, and 13 hours to get back home.  Oliver didn’t fall apart until the very last hour of our trip.  We were so proud of how well he did.  A few snacks and a battery operated night light and we were good to go.

Oliver got to experience the Atlantic Ocean down at Cocoa Beach and the Gulf of Mexico in Fort Walton.  He LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the water.  Upon seeing the beach for the first time, he had a big grin and was waving his arms excitedly.  My hubby finally can share his love of water sports with someone!

One of the perks of having kids is getting to enjoy the wonder and amazement of life through your child’s eyes. 

This post is a short one.  We have big changes happening right now.  We are about to enter the home stretch of the pregnancy.  Only 3 1/2 months to go!

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2 Responses to August Already!

  1. Jessica Assaf says:

    You guys are sooo brave driving that far with a little one!!!! About 2-3 hours in the car is the most Leylah can handle at any given time. We try to drive when she is sleeping, but she is ready to get out of that seat as soon as she opens those little eyes. YAY for Oliver being such a GREAT little traveler!!
    You look AWESOME for 6 months along…can’t wait to meet your little princess!!!! :-)

    • Salee says:

      This trip cured me of my bravery to be sure! lol… We were lucky driving through the night. I can’t imagine doing it again with 2 children!!!

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