Second Trimester Blues and So Much To Do

I am 5 days shy of officially starting my 3rd trimester.  It feels like I have already been pregnant forever and yet I can’t believe the 3rd trimester is here already.  As I promised my hubby, I have been slowing things down.  Being sick for 2 weeks straight probably helped with that.  Of course, slowing things down means less time to do the things that always need to be done – laundry, cleaning, dishes, shopping, cooking, taking care of Oliver, yardwork, etc… Not to mention the things we have to do to prepare for the new baby!  Either anxiety or massive nesting instincts are setting in.  So much to do, so little time.

To add to that, we are still trying to figure out how another person will impact our finances.  Living frugally has enabled us to live off one income so far.  Every day I scan my brain to think of ways to save, save, save money when our daughter arrives.  I have a running list of what we did with Oliver, what we can do without this time, and what we can recycle that we already have.  Our goal is to spend as little money on “stuff” and to buy as little as possible.  In that spirit, any gifts should be diapers/wipes and baby girl clothes (having it our way, she will be wearing all of Oliver’s hand me downs!).  Otherwise, I am praying that we don’t “need” anything else.

Starting next week, the pregnancy is all downhill.  We will begin the official countdown.  We will start planning labor, delivery, and childcare.  We will start setting up the newborn station and making room for relatives.  We’ll start pulling down the infant items from the attic and begin the long process of cleaning and sanitizing everything from car seats, blankets, and clothes to rugs, play mats, and bottles.  We will have baby on the brain.

This blog will take a turn for the “baby”.  In fact, I am already working on a series of articles about what we consider to be the bare bones requirements for bringing home a baby versus nice to have things.  I am breaking the posts up by categories and might compile the end result into one long list.  This will help me stay organized, stay focused on cost-savings, and might even help some new mommies to be out there.

The farther along I go with the pregnancy the more tired I get taking care of Oliver. He is at the age (15 months) where his mental and physical development is growing by leaps and bounds every single day.  He can learn at least one or two new vocabulary words every day and is one big absorbent sponge.  He wants to learn how everything works and how to do things for himself.  He wants to start running and climbing and using all his muscles.  I have made a commitment to the family that for as long as I am able I will:

1) Take him to the park 3 times a week so he can run, climb, play, and explore.

2) Setup one playdate a week so he can interact with other children. (Thank goodness one of my friends is also a stay at home mom of a toddler!)

3) Take him to the Marbles kids museum once a week so he can run, climb, play, and explore.

I’ll keep you posted how things are going.  I have a few posts that I want to get out that are non-baby related.  In particular, we have a cast iron skillet that is dying to get cleaned, but is waiting on me and my camera to document some great tips on how to clean and season at the same time.  :-)

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