Third Trimester: 30 weeks down, 10 to go…

We are in the home stretch now!  8-10 weeks to go before Peanut II joins the family.

How have we spent the past 3 weeks?  We’ve all been nice and sick over here.  My hubby brought home a cold from work, passed it to Oliver, then ended with me.  In short, we’ve been miserable.  On the plus side, baby girl is doing fine.  We just had our 30 week Dr. visit today and she has a nice strong heartbeat, has plenty of room, is kicking up a storm, and is right on track to be born at the end of November.  My health is good too.  My blood pressure is nice and low, my swelling is minimal, and I’ve only gained 6 pounds in 30 weeks. 

Oliver is also doing great at 15 months.  He’s had one developmental breakthrough after another and is soaking up every little thing like a sponge.  He loves reading books, both with one of us and by himself, loves climbing, and loves trying to “do” things himself.  His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds.  He doesn’t say many words yet, but he has dozens and dozens of labels down.  He likes to go around and point to things and have us tell him what they are.  After hearing the name once or twice, he actually remembers it and can go back to that thing when we tell him to.  It’s pretty amazing actually. 

He is also big into doing for himself now.  He gets the first crack at brushing his teeth, getting his shoes on and off, unlocking doors with keys, turning on the dishwasher, wiping his hands and face after each meal and feeding himself with utensils.  He’s mastered turning lights on and off, shutting doors, retrieving his little glasses from the cupboard and drinking milk from them, and then putting his milk away.  He can follow 20- 30 commands now and is starting to chain them together.  For example, I can tell him to put his milk away and then we’ll go bye-bye.  He’ll bring his milk to the fridge, put it on a shelf, shut the door and then head to the front door and try to turn the door knob.  It’s the little things like this that thrill me each day. 

Today he learned how to give kisses and it’s the sweetest thing.  Staying home has been worth every penny that we can scrimp.

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