Find a Coupon or Discount Before You Buy One More Thing

A penny saved is a penny earned.  I once told a friend that with access to the internet one can find a coupon, discount, or sale for pretty much anything.  At the time I had found her a BOGO (Buy One Get One) for Amtrak train tickets so she could come visit me from DC.

Today, another friend sent me a link to a website that pretty much consolidates thousands of sales out there.  The site lists weekly ads for retail and grocery stores.  It posts online and printable coupons for retail stores, restaurants, and grocery items.  There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of stores, retailers, and products listed.

I am going to love comparison shopping between my local grocery and drug-stores.  Usually, I wait until Wednesday and then go to each of the stores’ websites and run through a rigamaroll to get their weekly ads to pop up.  Now I can go to this website and just click on the store I want to see.  $1.99/lb roasts and $.99 cantaloupes be wary… I am coming for you!  This will also be helpful with my occasional soujourns to AC Moore, Michaels, JoAnns Fabrics, BabiesRUs, etc…  These stores typically always have some sort of coupon (20% – 40% off) in their weekly circulars, but since I don’t shop there regularly I tend not to keep the flyers on hand.  Now when I need to run out and get something, I’ll just print the coupon from the store I want and head out the door. 

FYI – if you think that I am getting anal about finding discounts and don’t think they save you all that much here are some true stories.  I recently spent $22.41 on 10 sewing patterns with a savings of $146 from the original price.  That’s a huge difference and not one to sneeze at.  In the case of my Amtrak friend, we were able to get 2 round trip tickets for her and a friend for a total cost of $86, down from $172.  For an intern, that was a huge savings for her. 

The site also posts money-saving articles, in addition to a blog which features the latest great deal out there.  I’ve only listed a few things that you can see on the site.  Go check it out for yourself and start saving some big bucks.

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  1. korting says:

    Some retail shops that welcome coupons offer a counter exactly where you are able to take your undesirable coupons for other consumers to use. At the same time you are welcome to choose up many coupons other people have left to make your own purchases. There are superb coupon organizers that it is possible to use like a mini filing method. You can actually categorize the coupons by the listed areas as well as develop some of one’s very own categories. This will cut down the quantity of time you spent going through them whilst that you are shopping.

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