Happy Anniversary!

Today we celebrated our wedding anniversary and couldn’t believe how fast the time has flown by.  We’ve been married for 3 years now (seems like forever!).  I slaved over a hot stove all day cooking up a fantastic dinner, set the table with candles, and then we ended up eating in our pajamas and going to bed early exhausted from work and toddler chasing. 

It was the best anniversary I have ever had.

On each of our dinner plates were white envelopes and small brightly colored wrapped boxes.  We had each picked out “genuine leather” wallets for each other to celebrate our third anniversary.  As if that weren’t enough of a coincidence, we picked out the same EXACT card for each other too!  We were meant to be…

We both feel like we’ve finally found the other person that “gets” us and it is a good feeling.

Here’s a picture of us when we first started dating four years ago.  We were so young! :-)

The first year was paper and the second was cotton.  This year it was leather and next year is linen/silk.  We like following the traditional gift giving themes as it helps to keep our spending in check by giving us a category to choose from.  We also set a max of $50 each.  I told him that the max goes out the window when diamonds come around for the 65th, but he said that if I stayed with him that long then I have earned them! :-)

Frugal tip of the day:  When buying gifts for each other, set some guidelines, such as spending limits, that will allow you to have realistic expectations.  We had no pressure operating within the “rules” and there were no let-downs or disappointments in the end.  Some people have argued that it takes the fun out of gift giving.  I say that it is more liberating.  It lets us focus on the little things that make events special, such as cooking a favorite meal or giving a nice foot rub.

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2 Responses to Happy Anniversary!

  1. Jessica Assaf says:

    You are sooooo right!!!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought an expensive gift and the (lack of) excitement I expected was disappointing. The less expensive gifts (those from the heart) have been much more appreciated/exciting to give. Setting limits is a GREAT idea! But I am soooo with you on the diamonds – LOL!!
    Happy anniversary!!!

    • Salee says:

      I learned the hard way too with the gifts, both as a giver and a receiver. Speaking of diamonds, what’s up with 65? I’m going to push for the modern tradition which is at 10. :-)

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