Kids Winter Clothes for Pennies

At the latest large consignment sale I was able to score some winter clothes for the kiddos at rock bottom prices.  As with most of the large sales, the clothes racks are stuffed to the gills with mostly gently used items.  I always wait until the very last day of the sale when the majority of the remaining goods are marked down.  At the most recent sale, the last day was 50% and 75% off day. 

Oliver is now wearing 18 months and will probably grow into 2T during the winter.  We have a few pairs of pants, a couple of long sleeve shirts and a handful of short sleeve shirts already.  Our baby girl will be born at the end of November.  We plan to reuse much of Oliver’s baby clothes and jammies, but Oliver was born during the summer.  The seasons are all opposite and he doesn’t have any winter 0-6 month clothes.  At the consignment sale in July, I picked up 3-4 little sweaters to layer over his summer clothes.  At this sale, I wanted to get some pants for her to wear over his onesies.

Here’s what we ended up with:  18 pieces of clothes (6 infant pants, 4 toddler fleece pants, 1 jumpsuit, and 7 long sleeves shirts)

Here’s what I paid: $11.43 (including tax)

What a bargain!

Frugal Tip of the Day:  I will say it again and again.  If you have children, check out your local consignment sales.  While they are young and not picky about their outfits, wait until the last day to shop for the deep discounts.

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