Family Fun: Outing to the Park

Now that we have a child, we are constantly searching for things to do that are inexpensive, fun, and will provide new experiences for Oliver.  On this particularly nice day, we went to a park for an afternoon of exploration.  “A park? Well, duh,” you say.  But seriously, when was the last time you went to a local park in your area? 

I was very surprised at the diversity our public park system offered.  There are dozens of parks, with dozens of different features.  Some parks have playgrounds specifically designed for toddlers or for older children.  Many parks even post the suitable age ranges for their playground equipment.  Amenities, such as bathrooms, water fountains, and park benches, also vary from park to park.  Accessibility can also be an issue when you are dealing with strollers or wobbly toddlers and whether or not there are paved paths, dirt/gravel paths, or no paths at all. 

To sum it up, I never knew something so simple as going to the park with a toddler could be so complicated at times!    Now I finally understand what all my other “stay at home mother” friends were talking about when they would go on and on over this park or that and wax poetic about their favorites.  :-)

I packed water, some snacks, and a few kitchen utensils for Oliver to play with. 

Taking a break from his digging, he had a blast on the swings.

After a bit, he wanted to go exploring.  He pretty much had the entire park to himself and he burned off a ton of energy running around.

I showed him how to pick up leaves and float them down a little stream by tossing them through the bridge railing.  He thought this was the greatest thing since sliced bread and proceeded to pick up every leaf in a 5 foot radius and watch them float away. 

After an hour or so, we went home and he took a nice long nap.  We all got some fresh air, he got some great exercise, and best of all – it was free!

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  1. Jessica Assaf says:

    We did the exact same thing Friday night after I picked up Leylah from school. She had a blast and played until it turned dark. Leaving the park was extremely difficult because she did not understand it was dark and closing. :-( She kicked, screamed and cried for at least 15 minutes…until I said, let’s go home and watch Dora!!! LOL…

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