34 Weeks and Counting

Just thought I would do a quick preggo post before signing off for tonight.  I’m coming up on 34 weeks this weekend.  Wow!  The entire pregnancy seemed to drag for MONTHS and all of a sudden the time is flying by.  I cannot believe that I have been pregnant since I left my job back in March. 

We had our big “box” weekend 2 weekends ago and hauled stuff in between the rooms and the attic.  All the infant stuff is at least in our bedroom and I feel a little better.  The nursery will be set up in a corner of our master bedroom for at least the first 6 weeks or so.  Oliver lasted 7 weeks before we shuffled him out into his own room.  Believe it or not, he preferred to sleep alone and once he had his own quiet bedroom he started sleeping through the night.  Our office/work room will be the baby’s room eventually.  When it’s time, we will swap the “office” with the nursery in our master bedroom.  After that she will only have to share her room with a closet full of tools and a storage rack! lol…  We are trying to eek out every square inch that we can from this little house.  Little house equals little mortgage and we like that quite a bit right now. 

Aside from all that, I guess I’m starting to “nest”.  Our dining room is crammed full of boxes of papers that I have an insane urge to sort, shred, organize, and store.  With Oliver my nesting project was to organize all of our DVDs in binders categorized by genre and then alphabetically.  I also alphabetized all of our CDs in big binders as well.  That was over 100 movies and close to a thousand CDs!  I wish my nesting instincts were more tuned towards painting the house or something constructive like that, but those darn papers are driving me NUTS.

My health is holding out and the baby is doing great.  In the past 34 weeks I’ve only gained 7 pounds.  The doctor said that was great and would be happy if I didn’t gain one more pound.  How did he put it?  Oh yeah, something about large women like me not needing to pack on the fat cause we have enough.  Well…he didn’t use those words, but that’s how it came across. 

This baby is going to be a feisty one.  She kicks harder and moves more than Oliver did.  My hubby thinks she is going to be like me and that we should all run for the hills now.  :-)  We haven’t decided on a name yet and are stuck on a handful.  This little girl might truly have to wait until we meet her before we choose.  With any luck it will be the last thing that pops into my head during labor and she’ll be called “Pop Tart” or something.

Oliver is a trooper.  He’s becoming mommy’s little helper and I’m counting on that to help us all get through the first few months with a new baby.  Our house if full of step stools now so that he can get up and down just about anything all by himself.  That has been nice since I am having a hard time picking him up.  I still have 4-6 weeks left to go and I can’t imagine it will get any easier.

That’s about all I have to say about that for now.  The adrenaline is flowing around here.  You can tell something big is right around the corner!

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