Family Fun: Trip to the State Fair

We packed the family up this weekend and headed to the state fair.  Turns out they had record breaking attendence the day we went – 151,000+ people.  It took us just over 2 hours to get there and find parking.  We then walked around for about 3 hours and hightailed it out of there just before the extrememly loud fireworks display.

Oliver thought all the people were cool at first until they started crushing in on him around his stroller.  Thankfully, we spent most of our time at the animal exhibits where there were considerably less people.  For us, it was more fun to show Oliver all the animals than to show him the midway. 

We spent most of the week leading up to the fair reading all his farm animal picture books.  Of course, that led to me looking totally ridiculous at the fair going, “That’s a cow.  A cow, Oliver, like in your book.  You remember the cow right?  The cow goes Mooooo.  Mooooooo.  Remember the cow goes Moooooo?”  Then you have my hubby standing over us going, “It’s also called a hamburger.  Can you say hamburger?”

He loved the little chicks.  I think they reminded him of a little squeeze toy whose head he always bites on. 

Yum, yum…You can’t go to the fair without eating a piping hot smoked turkey leg.  He loved it!

While going to the fair isn’t exactly a frugal thing to do, we did manage to save a little bit of money on the following:

1 – Parking at a free lot and walking the extra distance – not an easy thing to do when you are 35 weeks pregnant!

2 – Packing a family water bottle and refilling it at water fountains rather than buying drinks.

3 – Having an itinerary of what we wanted to do and circling our stops on the fair grounds map before hand.  This really helped to keep us focused, minimize time spent wandering aimlessly, and money spent on a whim.

4 – Packing snacks in the back pack for all of us and eating before we went.  We also agreed on our food budget beforehand from our list of the “must eats”.  I wanted roasted corn, cotton candy, and a candy apple.  Barry wanted a turkey leg, something fried and a candy apple.  Oliver picked off our food plus the snacks we brought him.  Eating before we went helped to stave off the impulse buying for sure.

5 – Buying advance tickets online at a $2 savings per ticket.  If we were ride-type people, we could have also purchased ride coupons at a discount online as well.

It was a long, tiring day, but we still had fun!  It will be interesting toting two kiddos around next year.  We will definitely go on a slower day during the week and avoid the crowds on the weekends!

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2 Responses to Family Fun: Trip to the State Fair

  1. Rebecca says:

    It wasn’t easy at 28 weeks either! The first Thursday was awesome though… it was considerable less crowded than any other day I’ve gone. We did the free parking too, and I had a really hard time climbing back in the jeep after walking for almost 4 hours! ouchy…

    • Salee says:

      You should have told me I was insane to go when we were at the coffee shop! I was laid out all day Sunday recovering. I almost asked my hubby to go buy me some crutches to help with the back pain. Next time – definitely the first Thursday. Only crazy people go the last Saturday apparently. lol…

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