Family Fun: Use the Mall’s Play Areas for Free

If you’ve been to a shopping mall then you have probably seen the little enclosures, known as “play areas”, overrun with screaming little shoeless hooligans.  Believe it or not, these play areas are actually nice places if you can get there when the mall opens.  We try to go a few times a month and Oliver gets to play with some kids and climb around.  The best part is that it is free!

Here are a few tips I’ve picked up:

1 ) Go early! As the day wears on the play areas fill up and it becomes a madhouse in there.  I have had more than one confrontation with a child who has been intent on doing physical harm to my child.

2 ) Bring wipes to clean little hands and feet after you are done playing.  Hand sanitizer wouldn’t hurt either.  There are plenty of germs to go around.

3) Bring a drink and/or snacks.  They love to put all the candy and gumball machines right outside these play areas.  It helps to have a “plan b” for your kids.  Snacks are also useful when your kid sees another kid getting snacks and then wanders over there begging for some himself (or that could just be my little guy!).

4) Pay attention to your kid and others around him or her.  Some parents let their children run WILD at these places.  Better safe than sorry.

And that’s about it!  With these tips, we’ve had quite a bit of fun when we go and minimal fuss. 

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