4th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party!

For the 4th year in a row, we turned our living room into pumpkin carving central!  We invited family and friends over for some good old fashioned Halloween fun. 

Oliver played with his friend most of the night, but was dying to help me carve out my pumpkin.  He liked playing with the lid and squishing around in the guts.  Notice my floor is covered in plastic, so he was able to experiment all he wanted.


We managed to eke out 6 pumpkins tonight with 6 more to go before Sunday.  It was great catching up with friends and taking a break from the upcoming baby madness. 

Here are some ways that we saved money at our party and some other tips to throwing a fun pumpkin party:

1) Be first in line on November 1st at your local drugstores to pick up discounted Halloween goodies for next year.  We love Walgreens, because they usually discount their items 75 percent off.  We always pick up bundles of pumpkin carving supplies, templates, and decorations for a fraction of the normal cost.

2) Have the party after dinner time and offer snacks.  This cuts down on the amount of work you have to do and the amount of money you have to spend on food.  Also, by offering snacks you get more time to carve the pumpkins versus eating a meal.

3) Pick up plastic sheeting at Lowe’s or Home Depot to cover your floor.  I bought mine for a buck or so in the painting aisle.  They are plastic drop cloths.  Also, line several bowls/pots with plastic grocery store bags for the pumpkin guts.  Clean up is a breeze once the carving is done.  We literally roll up all the garbage in the drop cloth and we are done.

4) Don’t be afraid to ask your friends to chip in either with food, drinks, or supplies.  The spirit of the party is to get everyone together for a good time.  I know many people who think hosting a party means spending tons of money and “wow-ing” the crowd.  Here’s how I hosted this event:  I provided the venue and the pumpkin carving supplies.  I also provided snacks (chips, veggies, dip, and brownies), water, ice, and paper products.  I asked everyone else to bring the beverages and their own pumpkins. 

That’s about it!  With minimal fuss and money spent, we had a great time.  Sometimes the best nights “out” are nights in with family and friends.

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