36 Weeks and Counting

Happy Halloween!  We carved up the rest of our pumpkins and lit them just in time for the onslaught of trick or treaters last Sunday.  We had probably 40+ kids come through, our biggest year so far!  Thanks to shopping the bargains last year, we had several very large ghouls, monsters, and creepy things to decorate our house with.  Quite a few of the kiddos were too scared to come up to the front door and my hubby had to go outside to meet them.  Awesome! 

I’ve finally packed away the Halloween gear for next year and, believe it or not, started working on the nursery.  We are at 36 1/2 weeks, as of today, and don’t have much time left for dilly-dallying.  Our nursery is actually a corner carved out of our bedroom, but is complete with changing table, shelves, rocking chair, and bassinet.  What else do you need right?  (Famous last words)

The office will be cleaned out this weekend to be used as our “master guest suite” for the visiting grandmothers.  When the baby is old enough for her own room, she will move into the office and the office will move into our bedroom.  We will make it work! (or die under an avalanche of junk while trying…)

Baby and momma are doing great healthwise.  I’m working on our hospital bags and Oliver’s babysitter bag.  I’ve been typing up a user’s guide titled, “Everything you ever wanted to know about Oliver, but was afraid to ask” for the caregivers.  Looking at the sections titled, “Schedule” and “Routines” surprised me to see how well we’ve figured out how to run things around here.  I went from being lost and confused 8 months ago to semi-confident and settled now.  Of course, the new baby will throw us all for a loop again, but I hope I’m better prepared than I was when I left my job.

I’m also working on my own personal list of “The Essentials” for baby and momma gear.  As I’m getting ready for my little one, I’m creating it in tandem and will post for the new mommies to be out there.  It’s not as fru-fru or fluffy as the lists that are constantly being shoved in their faces, as I am not that type of gal, but hopefully it will be helpful.

Well, back to my Oliver guide and the section about food titled “To Eat or Not to Eat – That is the Question.”

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