Baby 101: Newborn Basic Care Supply List

So you have the baby, you have a place for the baby to sleep, some clothes, and a car seat.  You probably have an entirely outfitted nursery with your favorite childhood character or theme.  But what about the little stuff? What about all those little things that fill all those cute little bins you bought?

I have a list of basic care items for those first few months of life.  I have two children and will only list the things that we have actually used.  After our first baby, we pared down dramatically for the second.  I thought we were frugal with Oliver, but we’ve done even better with Evelyn.  I know we could probably cut back or save more here and there, but as always, you have to balance your pennies against your quality of life.  Your needs might be totally different from ours, but hopefully, I have given you a starting point.  Check out my Week One post for some numbers to match the items.

Newborn Baby Care Supplies: Note – this is just supplies, not gear.

Bulb syringe – You should get one from the hospital.  As the baby gets older, there’s a good chance you will need something bigger to suck the snot out.  We use and LOVE Nosefrida: The Snot Sucker.  I just used it on Evelyn today and she is 6 weeks old.  You literally suck the snot out of their heads…

Saline nasal spray – this loosens the boogers.

Q-tips – for umbilical cord care.  We probably used 20-30.

Alcohol – for umbilical cord care.

Cotton balls – for wiping down the baby’s face, neck, and privates during the first 2 weeks with the umbilical cord stump in lieu of a bath.  I still use them now on a daily basis vs. giving a full bath every day.

Vaseline – for circumcision care, dry skin, diaper rash, lubricant for thermometer, and skin protectant (ie. to protect nose area from constant wipes during cold season)

Emery board – those little nails are sharp!  Those little nail clippers they sell for infants are useless.  Just use an emery board or scrape the nail with your own finger nail.  When they get a little older and squirmy I like using a block nail file.  Not sure what the name of it is, but it’s a little foam block with different filing surfaces on each face.  It was easier to hold a block and run it across their fingertips than to try and aim with the board.

Baby Tylenol

Simethicone Drops (Baby relief drops) – Buy stock in the company.  You could quite possibly go through bottles of this stuff until your baby’s digestive system matures and they can pass gas easier.

Gripe Water – I didn’t use it with Oliver and didn’t put much stock in the product.  With Evelyn’s all night crying jags, I was desperate and tried a bottle of Gripe Water.  I have no idea if it does what is says it does, but both the times I used it, my baby stopped crying within moments.  If your baby is up all night screaming, you might want to give this a try.

Digital Thermometer – This is for measuring temperature rectally until they are old enough to have it taken under the arm.

Diaper rash cream – Diaper rash cream works great.  On diarrhea days Vaseline works like a charm too (poo won’t stick to Vaseline).  For either one, make sure the butt is dry before applying.

Diapers – You will need tons.  We went through 90+ our first 10 days.

Wipes – you could get away with homemade wipes or just cotton balls and water.  Breastfed babies have very watery, non-sticking poo.

Baby Wash

Baby Lotion – I can’t resist the smell of Johnson and Johnson’s classic pink baby lotion, but on really dry days I put Vaseline on Evelyn’s face, especially her brow and nose areas.

Thermometer for bath water – We had a hot/cold duck that didn’t work.  Then we had a digital turtle which we loved, but the batteries died.  Now we use, and LOVE, our standard kitchen cooking thermometer. 

All you parents out there, what couldn’t you live without your first few weeks?

Frugal Tip of the Day:  Save some money and don’t go overboard on the supplies, with the exception of diapers and wipes.  What I mean is, don’t get taken in by anything that says it is for infants.  Most all the over the counter items have expiration dates.  I’ve literally listed all the over the counter things our pediatrician let us use her first 6 months.  Anything else, like our nose drops for cold relief, have all expired since we weren’t allowed to use them when the baby was small.

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