Frugal Christmas Ornaments Toddlers Can Make

I came up with a very frugal way for Oliver to have some Christmas fun.  We made ornaments out of a CheezIt box, some glue, scrap paper, sugar glitter, and a ribbon. 

First, I had to come up with a safe and edible alternative to glitter.  I decided to try sugar with food coloring.  I added a few drops of food coloring to some sugar and let my little guy shake it up.

He loved this part! He could have done this all day and have been perfectly happy.

We made some red and green sugar glitter.  So far, so good.

I gave him a glue stick and let him spread glue all over the cardboard I cut from a CheezIt box.  We stuck some black construction paper to one side, flipped it over, and repeated the gluing process on the other.

On this side we stuck a green scrap of wrapping paper that I had leftover.  My goal was to have black on one side and green on the other.

I then traced some cookie cutter tree shapes onto the green.  I did 2 shapes for each ornament and then cut out the pairs.

I put a small piece of cardboard inside a large, flat plastic container and made random squiggles on the green side of the tree.  I then let my son have a blast scooping and dumping sugar.  He became very adept at dumping the sugar exactly where it needed to go.

After the ornaments completely dried, I glued on a little cardboard spacer in between 2 finished trees.  Then I punched holes in the top, threaded some ribbon through the ornaments, and let my son hang them from the tree.

We repeated the process using red paper to make red candy canes.  I think they turned out great!

Frugal Tip of the Day: Crafts don’t have to be fancy or expensive.  We used scraps from around the house and Oliver loved, loved, LOVED it.

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