Do It Yourself Leg Warmers for Toddlers

Ready for Snow

If you live in an area that has mild winters, like we do, you probably won’t have true cold weather gear for your little ones.  Mild winters to me are those with only 1 – 2 snowfalls that drop 1 – 6 inches and melt within 1 – 2 days.  Having a nice warm coat is a must regardless of the snowfall, but what about snow pants?

After our white Christmas I got creative with the kitchen shears to make a warm outfit for Oliver to wear outside.  We bundled him up in layers (2 of everything) and slipped on my smallest pair of gloves.  The only problem we had was how to keep the snow from going up his pant legs and down into his shoes.

I took a pair of scissors to an old pair of socks and voila –  leg warmers for Oliver!  I snipped the toes off around mid-sole and left the heels on the socks.  I slipped them on over his shoes and stuffed his pant legs down into the socks to keep the snow out.

With the heels covered, he also got a bit of extra traction on the ice.

They were a huge success and the best part was that they didn’t cost us a dime.  The snow stayed out of his shoes and he was comfy and cozy.

Frugal Tip of the Day:  Instead of splurging on large, fluffy, winter gear dress in lots of layers instead.  Layer on the sweat shirts over the long sleeves, the pants over the sweat pants, thick socks over thin…  Oliver stayed nice and toasty after playing in the snow.  Note: This is very practical if you don’t get much snow for the winter, otherwise buy the kids snow gear at consignment sales.

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