Visit from a friend to kick off the New Year right

We have definitely sacrificed to live the frugal life.  We eat out less -much less, we rent movies in lieu of the theater, we go to shows and concerts once in a blue moon, and don’t go out to shoot pool or bowl anymore.  Sometimes it can be frustrating, but we kept one happiness – good friends.

My girlfriend from New York came down to visit this New Year’s weekend.  It was a breath of fresh air to talk and catch up with her.  We swapped frugal ideas and tips and tricks for the blog.  It was nice to have someone like-minded to bounce ideas off of.

She also shed new light on living frugally.  She talked about sustainability or the way we, as humans, need to use resources in such a way that we do not deplete them in order to maintain our well-being in the long run.  Going green or using green technologies is one of many ways to do this.  Another way is to do as we do – live frugally.  Use less, waste less, and recycle more.  We both loved the concept of consignment sales and second hand items for baby goods.  She might have even talked me into using cloth diapers rather than fill our dumps with everlasting diapers.

Above all else, she reminded us that having a good time can be as simple as having a visitor to share a meal with or someone to go with you and the kids on a play date.  Thanks for dropping by Alessandra, you are welcome anytime!

Frugal Tip of the Day: Get to know people that have similar beliefs as you.  It is much easier to live frugally when you have friends around that do it too.

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One Response to Visit from a friend to kick off the New Year right

  1. The Hubby says:

    It is always refreshing to know that we are not alone in our cost concious ways.
    Thanks for stopping by, Alessandra. The kids loved having you here, and cannot wait to spend their summers up in New York…(wink wink).

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