Please give us ideas for the consignment sale

Help!  What do 2 year olds need?   Clothes, shoes, books, and Melissa & Doug wood toys – check.  What else? 

The hard part about big consignment sales is shopping only a few times a year and trying to plan for your needs.  At next week’s sale, we will be looking for summer items for the kids.  Shoes are hard for me as I have no idea how fast toddlers grow.  I’m just going to get several pair in the next couple size up for Oliver.  Evelyn is a little easier since she won’t be walking this summer.   For clothes, I’m guessing that 2T will suffice until they are closer to 3?  There is no 2T and 1/2 equivalent to 18 months.  How big do kids get anyways?

I also have a hard time knowing what Oliver’s needs are for the next 6 months to a year developmentally wise.  Books and blocks are easy, but what about other things?  We have a bin of Lincoln Logs up in our attic waiting for that “day” that he is ready for them – which apparently will be YEARS from now!  To avoid another goof up like that I’ll have to do some research between now and then.

At last year’s summer sale we purchased a nice big slide for $10 and have kept it in the living room.  That has been one of the best investments we have made.  Oliver has learned to climb up and down and to slide on his belly and facing forward.  He would experiment with sliding different toys down and hiding them under the slide.  We used the slide for games, puppet shows, and he likes being up high – the king of the world.  Outside we have another slide and a big wagon.  He loves those too, but where do we go from here?

Any parents out there care to chime in?

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2 Responses to Please give us ideas for the consignment sale

  1. Jessica Assaf says:

    its really tough to predict what toddlers will be “into”. not sure how brave you are, but we didn’t know what to get leylah for christmas, so we went into walmart and browsed through the toy section to see what peaked her interest/curiousity. my sister has a workbench with tools and different things that my nephew (who is 3) loves!!! my nephew is very entertained with anything that has wheels/gears…cars, trucks, planes and tools. or you could go online – walmart’s website makes it very easy to shop by vendor and age…might get some ideas that way??
    the slide in the living room is an awesome idea…i might just do that because she loves to climb. she will sometimes ask me to put my small stepladder up so she can climb up and down the 3 steps…she even sits there and watches her “show” in the evening while i cook dinner. amazing how something soooo simple can keep them busy while you get something done!!!
    good luck at the sale!!! i am going to get out there one of these days!!!

    • Salee says:

      I’m sure Leylah would love the slide. It’s the best “toy” we have for Oliver. Oliver loves anything with wheels and gears too. I think we’ll look for some big tonka trucks or something. We are all going to the sale together (god help us) on Wednesday. I’m going to put him in the monkey harness and let him wander through some of the aisles. Maybe he’ll pick a few things out himself. We do have a little workbench that we bought too soon (once again). It has little wood screws with nuts that he can swallow, so it’s up in the attic for now. I’m thinking on getting a little kitchen set to put in the living room. You haven’t gone to the sale yet??? What are you waiting for? :-)

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