Consignment Sale Here We Come

We devised our gameplan for tomorrow, have arranged meeting times, and have blocked out sale strategy.  I think we are ready for the big consignment sale tomorrow!

Thanks to some great suggestions from my readers, I have come up with a short list of items that we will look out for:  (the items in bold are our target items, the rest are just extra ideas in case we see them)

halloween costumes for dress up and pretend play
trains, cars, firetrucks, construction vehicles and anything with a remote control
melissa & doug learning toys and puzzles
, flashcards, learning items
bead and wire cube
musical instruments
large outdoor play items
something Oliver can ride and push himself
small train table
pretend kitchen set
compact high chair that straps onto kitchen chair
1 more baby gate
shoes for Oliver and 2T shorts for summer
twilight sea turtle
foam blocks
step stool
learn to dress toys
Montessori materials

Evelyn doesn’t have anything on the list except for the high chair.  The hubby seems to think I’m going to go nuts buying girlie stuff for her.  I told him the Barbie dolls don’t come until later… :-)

The hubby is getting off work early to stake out our place in line 2 hours before they open the doors.  I’m bringing the kids 1/2 hour before opening.  I plan to carry Evelyn in the baby sling, put Oliver in a shopping cart, and the hubby will haul our handtruck and rubbermaid bins.  We’ll go for the bolded items first and then the hubby will split with the kids leaving me behind for the little stuff.

Our goal is to find age appropriate toys for Oliver in the 2 year old range and to round out his 2T clothing stores.  At home we will be packing up all the 1 year old toys and bringing down the baby toys from the attic.  Come the next big sale in July, we will finally start selling our baby gear as Evelyn outgrows them!  Our budget is $200.

In theory, this should go off without a hitch.  In practice, someone just might get hurt tomorrow! (just kidding)  I’ll let you know how we did on Thursday.  Tomorrow, there will be no post as we will be recovering.

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