Toddler Fun: Sink Play

Looking for an easy way to entertain your toddler?  Give him some cups and let him play in the bathroom sink! Easy as that. It’s frugal, free, and fun.  This is a great activity for him or her to do while you get to scrubbing that tub and toilet.

Children benefit from messy water play in many ways.  Just from my observations, I notice that he is learning cause and effect – when he tips the cup, water comes out.  He’s learning sequencing – 1- turn on the water, 2- fill the cup, 3- dump the water. 

He’s developing his hand-eye coordination by pouring from one vessel to another.  He’s also learning how different objects hold different amounts of water.  He’ll play with the little cup and then go search out the monster size cup to make a bigger splash.

He’s also learning about sound.  He loves to slowly pour the water and then when the last drop “kerplops” into the sink he laughs his head off.

Things to keep in mind for water play in the sink:

1) Plug the drain!  He loves playing with the running water, but it’s not cost effective nor conservative.

2) Make sure all electrical appliances (hair dryers, curling irons, etc) have been removed.

3) Give the child a sturdy step stool to stand on.  Make sure it is on a non-slip surface.

4) Keep a towel handy for those inevitable spills.  You probably can’t see in the pics, but his shirt is soaked from the chest down.

5) Provide a variety of containers to fill and dump.

When your little engineer is finished experimenting with water, use the cleanup as a teaching moment.  Show them how to put away their containers.  Show them how to wipe up the water on the counter or floor with a towel.  Show them that their clothes are wet and walk them through changing into dry ones.  They will be learning the consequences of their actions and what to expect the next time.

Oliver loves playing in the sink and wants to move up to the kitchen sink and sprayer now.   The day he gets his hands on the sink sprayer is the day I submit my first video to America’s Funniest Home Video!

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2 Responses to Toddler Fun: Sink Play

  1. Cathy says:

    My grandson started playing in the sink when he became potty trained and we taught him to wash his hands. He’s still playing in the sink now at 7, lol.

    • Salee says:

      Now Evelyn is big enough to reach the sink too and they fight over who gets to play with the water. It’s always an adventure over here!

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