Sound Off: So Much Blood From Such a Little Wound

I was feeding Evelyn before the family headed out to the park and I heard a THUMP, THUMP, THUMP and loud screaming from my son.  The poor kid had fallen outside on the sidewalk and busted his lip.  The thumping was my hubby flying down the stairs and back up with kid in tow. 

Geez… talk about a freak out!  There was blood everywhere and I couldn’t tell what had happened to him or where he was hurt.  Luckily, he only hit his upper lip on the pavement and recovered quickly.  A little liquid bandage and he was good to go.  We still went to the park to enjoy the weather even though it looked like he had a perpetual bloody nose.  Poor kid.

That pretty much sums up how the week went for us.  One freak out after another it seems.  I did manage to make my cheesy meat dip and am working on posting the recipe.  Evelyn isn’t cooperating with sleep and it’s been hard to carve out some internet time for myself.  We also put together her crib today.  I’m hoping to phase out the bassinet by next weekend so we can make some room in her new bedroom.  I’m a bit bummed that she has to share her space with an industrial storage rack, but what can we do in a tiny house?  I’m going to rearrange her room again, to eek out some space and will have to post some before and after pics.  I have some frugal design ideas in mind that will make the space cozy.

February is right around the corner and with it comes all the winter yard work.  We’ll be cutting back trees and shrubs, digging the spring garden, and dividing liriope.  There’s also one more large consignment sale that I’ll check out for clothing items only – no volunteering at this one – and Evelyn’s 3 month old coming out party.  It looks like we have the month booked solid!

Hope you are having a great weekend and are getting out to enjoy the nice weather if you have it!

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