Family Fun: Night Out at the Kids Discovery Center

I was feeling like a hundred bucks last night.  The hubby came home early, I had grilled a fantastic pork tenderloin for dinner, and we all went out for late night fun at our local kid’s discovery center, Marbles.  The first Friday of every month they are open until 8pm.

Oliver always starts out at the train table.  That kid loves wooden trains.

We went upstairs for some fun in Moneypalooza.  Daddy was a big help keeping tabs on Oliver in the money pit.  Marbles’ upstairs is designed for slightly older kids and Oliver only gets to go up when there are 2 of us to supervise.

Evelyn thought most of the trip was a big yawn…

The boys had fun making cars and racing them down the track.  Daddy had fun building them, and Oliver had fun chasing them!

The ladies left the men to their wheels and went to play in the baby area.

She got to practice her tummy time on the soft mats.

She loved staring into all the mirrors there.  She kept smiling at the “other” baby looking back at her.

All in all, it was a great night and we vowed to go as a family every first Friday of the month.  I think Oliver really liked having his daddy there and Evelyn got to spend some time in her own space. 

The total cost to us?  $0.00  Technically, it probably cost us a buck or two due to the fact that we paid for a $100 year long membership.  Being that each visit costs $5 per person, $100 is a steal of a deal if you are a frequent visitor.  With the exception of a few missed weeks when Evelyn was born, Oliver and I go every week.  Throw in the hubby on occasion and we have a savings of at least $410 for our family.

Many large cities have a kid’s discovery or science center, or museum.  Give them a visit for some safe, age-appropriate, and relatively inexpensive family fun.

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