February Yardwork: Trimming bushes and trees

According to Gardening in the Carolinas, it is time to whack back our shrubberies and trees.  It was a blustery day with temps in the 50s.  The entire family bundled up and went outside for some sun and a lot of fresh air.

The hubby did most the whacking and I got sidetracked playing with the kiddos.

OMG! He is adorable!  I’m sure the hubby could have used a hand cutting off a 30 foot limb while standing on a ladder using a bow saw, but look at those eyes!  Who could walk away from this?

And if her brother wasn’t cute enough, Evelyn kept cooing at me.  She didn’t like the wind too much, but loved staring at the bushes and trees.

We put Oliver to work hauling branches.  This lasted all of 10 minutes until he figured out it wasn’t a game after all!

Here’s the hubby struggling with that limb.  Needless to say, the day ended with him going to buy a chainsaw.  There are times to be frugal and save the money, but then there are times to be safe and do the job right.

Oliver can’t wait to see how everything looks after we finish with the trimming tomorrow.

Have you started working outside in preparation for spring?  Depending on your climate and what zone you live in, you might need to get outside right now to trim back your bushes and trees before they start to bud.  Check out a local gardening book from the library or search the internet to find out what should be trimmed and when.  For us, our legustrum bushes, holly, and trees need to go now.  Our azaleas have to wait until AFTER they bloom in the spring since the flowers grow on last years branches.

More on this landscaping project to come…

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