Happy Valentine’s Day!

I told my hubby that I loved him and he shined my shoes.  That was our Valentine’s Day.  We also ordered Chinese food so I wouldn’t have to cook and clean the kitchen.  Oliver made his daddy a card that he managed to sneak into daddy’s workbag with mommy’s help.  Evelyn’s present was to sleep through dinner so we could eat in peace. 

Are we Valentine grinches?  Do we shun the flowers/chocolate/ jewelry, because we are trying to be frugal?  I think it’s a mix of both.  There are already enough days in the year when we spend money on each other – birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and mother’s/father’s day.  We are burnt out on the obligatory holidays.  Another large part of our grinchiness is our new lifestyle.  With so much of our lives revolving around our babies we feel guilty taking time or spending money on ourselves. 

Of course, people will bombard me with hundreds of “you don’t need to spend money to show someone you love them” comments.  To that I say, you also don’t need to wait for that one day a year to show them you love them.  If love is free, then show it every day.

Our V-day might not have been fancy, but it was not without romance.  I told my hubby I loved him by scrawling it on these huge white boards we installed in our hallway so he would see it when he walked by.  On the other hand, he spent over an hour restoring my favorite ugly, but oh so comfy, shoes that he sees me wear all the time.  It was perfect…

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day too!

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