Sound Off: Dig, dig, dig

Brrr… it’s both hot and cold today!  The temps were in the 60s, but the wind made it feel much colder.  Evelyn got to wear her teddy bear hat out and about in the yard. 

We’ve been busy, busy around here.  Our close friends are having a baby any day now and we will be watching their toddler while they are in the hospital.  We’ve been preparing for the sleep over as much as they’ve been preparing for their new baby!  I feel like we are all on the babywatch together as we wait for the newest little one.

We’ve also kicked our gardening plans into high gear this weekend.  The hubby has been having fun with the chain saw.  R.I.P. my dear chestnut tree…  Tomorrow we will break ground on the spring garden.  We went to Lowes and Home Depot today to buy some bushes to plant and some seed starting supplies and they had zip!  Whad-up with that?  They said we were 2 weeks too early.  I told them to consult the Farmer’s Almanac and get with the program.

We are also building a 2 tier light tray in our dining room for my seedlings this weekend.  We’ll be posting a tutorial on that next week if you want to build your own.  Oh yeah – I just found out in the blogosphere that all my “how to” posts and “do it yourself” posts should be called “tutorials”, because I am actually teaching you how to do something.  That seems to be the correct blogging lingo and I’ll probably go back and re-name some previous posts.  Seriously, how to string cherios will now be a tutorial…

Next week will be green week for 2pennies – all about growing stuff indoors and out: light trays, starting seeds, digging gardens, laying soaker hoses, planting the spring crop, trimming and planting shrubberies, etc… 

Do you have a green thumb?  Tell me some of the things you will be growing this year.

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