Preparing the Spring Garden

Ready to get dirty?  Two weeks ago, we prepped the spring garden. 

My hubby turned over a plot of dirt 18 ft long by 3 feet wide to a depth of about 8 – 10 inches.   We ran it down the length of chain link fence to take advantage of a natural trellis for our sugar snap peas.  I had previously gardened here before and had amended the soil with a ton of compost in the past.  Can you believe this used to be red clay???  I was serious when I said a TON of compost…

My sweet baboo helped to turn over the dirt with his daddy.  He worked on his little plot for almost 1/2 an hour!

We used a nifty little hand tiller to break up big clumps of dirt and to pull small weeds out.

Next we layered on the Moo-nure! (I love saying that)  Following the instructions on the bag, we only needed 1/2 the bag.  The hubby raked it into the soil and leveled out the garden bed.

We are using the chain link fence for the bottom half of our pea trellis.  We staked some simple fence posts into the ground and clipped in some wire fencing for the top half of the trellis. 

We are using a soaker hose for the spring garden due to the nature of the plants.  We are growing sugar snap peas, lettuce, radishes, and green onions.  Since there will be so many of each plant, it made more sense to use a soaker hose and deeply soak the ground.  We are using drip irrigation for the summer plants as those are lesser in number, are much larger, and require more water. 

We laid the soaker hose out overnight to uncoil and relax.

The next day I dug a 2 – 3 inch trench and buried the hose under the ground.  I did one straight run about 6 inches away from the fence to water the sugar snap peas.  Then I came back down the plot and made big curves. 

I choose to do curves for 2 reasons:

1) I didn’t want to spend the money on extra soaker hose to make 3 straight runs in the garden.
2) I’ve found that plants like leaf lettuce and arugula grow great between the curves.  Not too much water and they can be grown in clusters.

I placed broken pieces of sticks at the peak of each bend to mark where the soaker hose was buried.  I can reasonably follow the path from stick to stick to know where to plant.

After installing the hose, I ran a test for 15 minutes.  You can see my pattern and saturation after 15 minutes.  During the growing period I’ll water for about 30 minutes, once a week.

We are ready to plant!  The only thing we’ve purchased so far was the Moonure and the soaker hose.  The rest we already own or we’ve borrowed from friends or neighbors.  You’d be surprised at how much you can save if you ask around.

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