Fingerpaint and Cookie Cutters

One morning it was cold and icky outside.   With cabin fever looming I searched for an easy pick me up for the both of us.

What could be easier than finger paint and cookie cutters?  I have a box of 101 plastic cookie cutters and searched for something St. Pattyish.  Of all the holidays that they included they didn’t include St. Patrick’s Day.  Not a four leaf clover in the bunch! 

We settled for some green finger paint instead and a few random shapes.  I smeared the paint onto a plate so it would stay wet longer and then taught Oliver how to dip the cutters and press onto the paper.  It didn’t take much encouragement and he was off!

He only had a small dab of paint on his bottom lip this time.  He’s getting better at not eating his craft supplies!  The fingerpaint is very easy to clean and now I’m wondering what else we could use it for around here.

Tell me, how have you used finger paints with your little ones?

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