Painting the Porch: Day Two

After breakfast, the hubby went outside to cut new stringers, and support pieces.  To save money, we disassembled the steps to reuse as much good wood as we could.  We were also salvaging the posts.

Seven hours later, we still don’t have steps.  My hubby is thoroughly frustrated at this point and after a few more hours we call it a night.

Why is it so hard to rebuild the steps? Well, the original porch steps were not built systematically.  Each step was built as a separate unit.  They weren’t all precisely square or level, and the treads were even different depths with varying overhang on the risers.  I know this because I rebuilt the steps when I bought the house in 2000 (your welcome honey).

This all leads us to the big problem.  How do you reuse wood from the “flawed” original project and build stairs correctly the second time around.  The obvious answer is to go buy new wood and start from scratch.  We’ve already spent 65 bucks and it would probably cost another 65 to replace the rest of the wood.

We are giving it one more day to see if we can get the mismatched salvaged wood to work.  Meanwhile, we’ll keep tramping through the backyard to get to the car…

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2 Responses to Painting the Porch: Day Two

  1. diane says:

    Dad says to try to use ‘old’ wood will only lead to unsuccessful porch steps. He has built several stairs, give him a call later and maybe he can give you some tips.

    • Salee says:

      I am beginning to agree. We can use the old wood in my garden to frame the borders. I’m going to call Barry on his way home and maybe he can stop in at Lowes. Will pass the message along. :-)

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