Spring Garden Ready to Grow

It’s official! The garden is in and ready to grow.  :-) I’ve planted sugar snap peas, green onions, yellow onions, arugula, green leaf lettuce, and 2 different salad mixes.

The sugar snap peas had been going strong for a week before I planted the rest of the seeds.  All I needed to do to sow the seeds was to loosen up the soil with my rake.  Most of the seeds only needed to be planted at a 1/4″ depth. 

After raking over the soil, I broadcast the seeds over 3 foot sections.  Then I used my hand to smooth out the dirt to cover the seeds and to pat it down.  A quick watering from a watering can and we were all set.

After a week, we have new sprouts!  You can see how well my peas are doing in the background.

Next weekend I’ll have to start thinning out my peas.  I may even thin out the rest of my plants while they are still small.  The best part is that the hard work is over.  Now I’ll turn on my soaker hose twice a week, weed the bed, thin the plants, and wait for harvest time!

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